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When your customers need a pipe plug or equipment for air testing or vacuum testing, they need it right away. But they also need to know how to use the equipment safely and properly. Plug Technologies, Inc. is your source for durable plugs and testing equipment that gets the job done. We can also be your customers’ best resource on how to use our products safely.


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5 Star Google Review

Great company! Very Responsive.

– Shane Bader

FatBoy Testers

Plugs for air testing, vacuum testing, and blocking.

FatBoy Plugsters™

Single-size and multi-size pipe plugs.

FatBoy Guzzlers™

Our most versatile pipe plugs.

Max-Guard™ Relief Valves

Maximum protection for proper inflation of pipe plugs.

FatBoy Max-Sleeve™

Extra protection for multi-size plugs.

FatBoy Rapid Replacement Plugs™

Placement plugs for difficult-to-access applications.

Max-Flow™ Test Equipment

Manhole vacuum testing equipment.

Fill Kits/Retrieval Ropes

Fittings and parts for Max-Flow™ Testing Equipment. Lift and lower plugs with ease.

Manhole Vacuum Testing

Manhole vacuum testing equipment.

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