FatBoy Testers™

Blocking plug and air-testing plug, all in one.

Plugs for air testing, vacuum testing, and blocking flow.

FatBoy Testers™ are one of our most versatile products. Constructed of cross woven, natural rubber fabrics along with an innovative manufacturing process ensures maximum strength and durability, FatBoy Testers™ can withstand a variety of applications, from front and backside air testing and vacuum testing to blocking flow.

FatBoy Testers™ are available in diameters from 3.75 inches to 50 inches and lengths between 16 inches and 76 inches. Every 6″-10″ and larger FatBoy Tester™ comes standard with ¾-inch and ¼-inch bypasses so users can effortlessly switch between applications without renting or purchasing additional plugs.

Optional Max-Guard™ and Max-Sleeve™

Max-Guard™ relief valves are available on FatBoy Testers™ with diameters of 12″—18″, or larger. Max-Guard™ valves protects the plugs from become overinflated due to malfunctioning gauges or user error.

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Max-Sleeve™ adds an extra layer of natural rubber to our FatBoy Testers™ to protect against debris, sharp objects, and degraded pipes. Includes a 5/16-inch coated cable to secure the sleeve to the plug.

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