FatBoy Plugsters™

Single-size and multi-size pipe plugs.

Plugs for the following applications: vacuum testing, blocking air or water.

FatBoy Plugsters™ are economical choices for municipalities and contractors. Both our single-size plugs and multi-size plugs are constructed of high-quality, durable natural rubber and designed to be dependable and long lasting.
Single-size FatBoy Plugsters™ are economical inflatable plugs that can be used in a variety of applications to block flow and hold pressure. The plugs come with a ¼-inch or 3/8-inch eyebolt to lift and lower the plug and come in a range of sizes to accommodate most nominal pipe sizes.

New Sizes

Pictured: 200-48 and 200-612

Pictured: 200-2460MGMS

New larger usage ranges include 4”-8”, 6”-12” and 24”-60” which allow the plugs to block more pipe diameters.    

Our multi-size FatBoy Plugsters™ are ideal for rental houses as well as municipalities and contractors that maintain and install pipes with a variety of diameters.

Multi-Size FatBoy Plugsters™ are versatile inflatable plugs that can block flow and hold vacuum pressure or air pressure in any pipe that falls within the plugs usage range. The plugs come with a removable/replaceable 1/4″ QD Nipple. Plugs 12″—24″ and larger have a n optional Max-Guard™ (relief valve) available.