FatBoy Max-Sleeve™

Extra protection for multi-size plugs.

FatBoy Max-Sleeve™ helps you avoid punctures and other damage.

Pipelines are dangerous places for inflatable plugs. Pipeline debris, degraded pipes, and sharp objects can puncture plugs, rendering them unusable. FatBoy Max-Sleeve™ is an extra protective layer of ¼-inch natural rubber that prolongs the life of your plugs. Each FatBoy Max-Sleeve™ includes 3/8″ coated cable for securing the sleeve to your plug.

FatBoy Max-Sleeve™ Specs

Our FatBoy Max-Sleeves™ are available seperately installed on our FatBoy Plugster™, FatBoy Guzzler™, and FatBoy Tester™ plugs in sizes 12”–18” or larger.