Max-Guard™ Relief Valves

Maximum protection for your inflatable plugs.

Relief valves that help to protect your plugs from over inflation.

Operator error or malfunctioning gauges can cause plugs to be over-inflated. Installing a Max-Guard™ relief valve on your FatBoy Plugster™, FatBoy Guzzler™, or FatBoy Tester™ allows your plug to continue to block flow and hold air again while avoiding the need to wait for replacement parts.

Max-Guard™ relief valves are designed to open at a designated pressure to release excess air pressure and which helps to avoid over-inflation. Once inflation returns to normal pressure, the valve resets. You may need to reinflate your plug to required inflation pressure after a Max-Guard™ relief valve has reset.

Max-Guard™ Specs

Our optional Max-Guard™ relief valves are available on our FatBoy Plugster™, FatBoy Guzzler™, and FatBoy Tester™ plugs that are 12”–24” or larger. It is sheltered in a cavity and enclosed in a rubber debris cover to help protect the relief valve for years of use.