Max-Guard™ Relief Valves

Maximum protection for your inflatable plugs.

Relief valves that help to protect your plugs from over inflation.

Operator error or malfunctioning gauges can cause plugs to be over-inflated. Installing a Max-Guard™ relief valve on your FatBoy Plugster™, FatBoy Guzzler™, or FatBoy Tester™ allows your plug to continue to block flow and hold air again while protecting your plug from being over inflated. Our relief valve is reusable unlike one time use burst discs offered by other manufacturers that must be replaced after each use. 

Max-Guard™ relief valves are designed to open at a designated pressure to release excess air pressure helping to avoid over-inflation. Once inflation pressure returns to normal, the valve resets. You may need to reinflate your plug to required inflation pressure after a Max-Guard™ relief valve has reset.

Max-Guard™ Specs

Our Max-Guard™ relief valve are optional on 12”-18” and 12”-24” FatBoy Guzzler™, and FatBoy Tester™ plugs and come standard on all 15”-30” and larger ” FatBoy Guzzler™, and FatBoy Tester™  plugs.