About Plug Technologies, Inc.

Meet the Plug Guys

Tough, durable products. Down to earth advice.

Plug Technologies, Inc. is more than a plug manufacturer. We’re experts in pipe plug technologies and testing equipment. We work with waterworks wholesalers and rental houses like yours to become a one-stop shop for contractors who need to plug and test pipes.

We’re also a resource for your customers to help them get the most out of our equipment and to use it safely. It’s our goal to become your expert in the field, whether you’re giving us a call to get help with a customer or you’re at the jobsite looking up product specs and instructions on our website.

Marc Bevacco

Plug President

Plug Technologies, Inc. president Marc Bevacco has 25 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of pipe plugs and products used in the underground construction market. Marc started his career as a design engineer, and his commitment to innovation and attention to detail have helped make Plug Technologies, Inc. products some of the best in the industry.

Glen Meyer

Chief Plug Purser

Plug Technologies, Inc. Chief Financial Officer Glen Meyer directs and sets the vision for growth of the company. His hands-on approach ensures we carry and stock the best products on the market today.

Karl Trott

Chief Plug Peddler

Chief Plug Peddler Karl Trott is Plug Technologies, Inc.’s sales and marketing director. It’s Karl’s responsibility and privilege to build relationships with our customers and make sure they have the plugs and equipment in stock to serve their own customers.