Max-Flow AT™ Air Testing Equipment

Pipe testing equipment that will allow you to air test newly installed or recently repaired sewer pipes.

Max‐Flow AT™ Line Acceptance Kit

Our Max-Flow AT™ Kits include everything a contractor requires to perform a sewer line air test (except for the air compressor). The color coded triple hose includes quick disconnect fittings making it easy to properly connect the hose to both the Max‐Flow™ Control Panel and the FatBoy Tester™ plug. Our Max‐Flow AT™ kits include a set (Tester™ and Plugster™) of either 6″‐10″ or 8″‐12″ FatBoy Plugs.  Everything is stored in a hard plastic bin.   



Max‐Flow™ Control Panel

Max-Flow™ Control Panel is designed to perform a line acceptance test for a pipe line. The panel is color coded to make it easy to identify and connect to the Max-Flow Triple Hose and to the FatBoy Tester™.  The plug pressure regulator allows you to quickly  inflate the FatBoy Tester™ plug to the proper inflation pressure without over-inflating or underinflating the plug.  A durable plastic Pelican® case protects the gauges during transport and use.

Max-Flow™ Triple Hose

The Max-Flow™ Triple Hose has a 3/4″ hose (blue) that pressurizes the test area, one 1/4″ hose (red) for inflating a FatBoy Tester™ plug and one 1/4” hose (yellow) for reading the  pressure back to the test pressure gauge on the control panel. The hoses are color coded to make it simple to identify which hose goes to each connection on the plug and the control panel. 



Mini-Max™ Air Test Kit

Mini-Max™ Air Test Kit is used in conjunction with our 25’ and 50’ triple hose (950-25 and 950-50) and allows the contractor to control a sewer line air test.   The kit included a 0-15 PSI test gauge that attached to the 1/4” read back hose (yellow).  It also includes a 0-60 PSI gauge tree to attached to the 1/4” hose (red) for inflating and deflating the Tester™ (front) plug.   It also includes a ball valve for controlling the air flow into the test area through the 3/4” hose (blue).   All the components are attached to the triple hose with quick disconnect fittings allowing the user to disconnect the gauges from the triple hose and store them in a safe location.  Both gauges also include a rubber gauge guardian to help protect the gauges during use and storage.

Mini-Triple™ Hose

Our Mini-Triple™ hose is designed to connect our 4”-6” and 4”-8” Tester plugs to our Max-Flow™ control panel allowing a user to perform a sewer air test.   The Mini-Triple hose has (3) 3/8” hoses that are small enough to connect to the front of the small diameter plugs.



Mini-Max™ Air Test System

Our Mini-Max ™ Air Test System is designed to allow users to perform a line acceptance test.  The 0-15 psi test gauge and the 0-60 psi plugs inflation gauge are quick connected to the Mini-Triple™ hose allowing the user to remove the gauges from the hose and keep them safe.  The hoses are all color coded making it easy to connect the correct hose to the correct plug port and correct gauges.  Also includes a ball valve to allow the user to control the air flow from the air compressor to the test void.