FatBoy Guzzlers™

Our most versatile pipe plugs.

Plugs for blocking, air testing, vacuum testing, and bypassing flow.

Our FatBoy Guzzlers™ are one of the most versatile and economical plugs on the market. Both our single-size plugs and multi-size plugs are constructed of high-quality natural rubber and designed to be dependable and long lasting.

Single-size and multisize FatBoy Guzzlers™ are excellent plugs for a variety of applications including blocking flow, vacuum testing, bypassing and air testing.

Single-Size FatBoy Guzzlers™ Specs

Single-size FatBoy Guzzlers™ are economical and versatile bypass plugs that can also be used to block flow and air test. The plugs come with removable 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch tank valves (depending on size), 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch eyebolts and aluminum bypasses.

Multi-Size FatBoy Guzzlers™ Specs

Download PDF – Fatboy Guzzlers 250 Series Chart

Multi-Size FatBoy Guzzlers™ are our most versatile plugs. Use multi-size FatBoy Guzzlers™ in any pipe that falls inside the plug’s usage range. The plugs come with lightweight aluminum bypasses and plugs 15″—30″and larger have our optional Max-Guard™ relief valve available.

FatBoy Max-Guzzlers™ Specs

FatBoy Max-Guzzlers™ are specially designed for bypassing flow. The male nipple with npt threads make it easy to connect bypass hoses for pumping and or gravity bypassing. The plugs come with lightweight aluminum bypasses and replaceable  1/4″ QD Nipple.